Imran given amnesty despite confession of wrong doing: Nawaz

ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday said that he was disqualified merely on holding an Aqama but PTI Chief Imran Khan was cleared of allegations of money laundering despite his confession of wrong doing.

“Despite all investigations, no proof of money laundering was found against me and I was disqualified for holding an Aqama. But, Imran Khan despite his tendering an apology for wrong doing was cleared of charges,” he said talking to media in front of Accountability Court.

“How could be a person cleared of charges who confesses wrong doing and tenders unconditional apology while a sitting Prime Minister be disqualified even when no allegation is proved against him,” he added. He said Imran Khan had confessed transaction of millions of pounds for construction of house as well as investments in Niazi Services. “But, our courts cleared him of charges despite his confession. It is matter of record and I am not beating about the bush.”  —Agencies

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