Won’t accept any undemocratic move, Nawaz assures Zehri

From Our Correspondent

LAHORE: Former premier Nawaz Sharif has said yesterday that no-confidence motion against Balochistan chief minister (CM) Sanaullah Zehri in Balochistan Assembly is a conspiracy to halt Senate elections.

Reportedly, CM Zehri telephoned Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president and sought his help in the issue after briefing him about the no-confidence motion moved by some Members of Provincial Assembly (MPA) against him last week.

Ex-PM Nawaz has said that the federally ruling party would not accept any undemocratic move and that the alleged conspiracy aims at halting Senate elections. Separately, business tycoon Malik Riaz called on Nawaz Sharif in his residence in Jati Umra.

Discussion between PML-N chief and Balochistan chief minister has come in days after at least 14 MPAs moved a no-confidence motion in the assembly against him.

Former deputy speaker Mir Quddus Bizenjo had tabled the motion with signatures of 14 members.

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