Pakistan just wants acknowledgement of its sacrifices: Dastgir

From Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir-Khan has said that Pakistan just wants acknowledgement of its sacrifices. While speaking at a conference yesterday, Khan remarked that everything between US and Pakistan is out in the open now. “Pakistan is being made a scapegoat.

We have given thousands of sacrifices and are still giving it. Pakistan does not want a price for its cooperation but wants it sacrifices to be acknowledged,” he said. “We won’t allow Afghan war be fought on Pakistani soil.”

He reiterated his earlier claims that the US has failed in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. “Even after spending trillion dollars and deploying thousands of soldiers, US was only able to control 40% of Afghanistan.”

Moreover, the US foreign minister has also accepted that the US failed in Afghanistan, Dastgir remarked. On the relations with India, Dastgir shared that Pakistan wants to resolve issues with India. However, when Pakistan wanted to build a relationship with its hostile neighbour, India implemented the Cold Start doctrine.

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