PM for enhancing indigenous energy resources to meet country’s needs


From Rafay Siddiqui

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi yesterday emphasized the need to enhance the volume of indigenous energy resources to cope with country’s needs and reduce the burden of import bill on the national economy.

Addressing the annual function of Mari Petroleum Company here, the prime minister spoke high of the company’s valuable contribution to mitigate the energy crisis in the country besides playing its role to ensure food security.

The annual event was attended by a huge number of company’s staffers and their families as the event also coincided with the golden jubilee celebrations of the company.

The prime minister commended the company for celebrating the year of highest revenue and production and congratulated the company and staffers for achieving distinction in the sector. He said Mari always performed exceptionally and said he had also been pushing the OGDCL and PPL to excel in the same way. The prime minister said energy was a basic block of the national economy with Exploration and Production sector being its key component. Lauding the company for achieving the targets ahead of the schedule, the prime minister said owing to the efforts of Mari Petroleum, the country had not only achieved self-sufficiency in fertilizer, but also had started exporting the product.