UAE promotes tolerance and respect for others


As an oasis of stability in the region that is torn by strife, the UAE has taken a lead in promoting human rights. This includes the recognition that all residents and nationals be treated with dignity and equal respect.

Over the years, the leadership of the country has actively promoted policies that are designed towards improving labour rights, empowering women and bolstering tolerance.

While significant strides have been made in most areas, the UAE is constantly raising the bar. Tolerance, a value missing from the contemporary world, is encouraged to an extent here that it has become ingrained in the collective consciousness of the nation.

With more than 200 nationalities living peacefully in the UAE, the political leadership is keener than ever to promote acceptance and understanding as the cornerstone of the society.

The pledge was reiterated by Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, who told the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review in Geneva on Monday that the UAE is determined to move forward by building on achievements made in human rights and to continue to make a positive and active contribution to support best global practices in this area.

Historically, the UAE’s journey towards combating discrimination has been a progressive one. The country has a robust set of laws that are specifically aimed at protecting everyone in the UAE and provide a solid legislative ground for tolerance, coexistence and acceptance for those who reside here.

With a slew of reforms that guarantee the rights of individuals, the example set by the UAE – both in the areas of human rights and justice – are commendable.


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