Zainab’s rapist, murderer sentenced 4 counts to death, fined 3.2 mln


Nusrat Bibi demanded he be executed in public

From Our Correspondent

LAHORE: An anti-terrorism court of Lahore yesterday handed down death penalty on four counts to the prime accused in the rape and murder case of seven-year-old Zainab Amin in Kasur.

ATC Judge Sajjad Ahmad awarded capital punishment to accused Imran Ali on four counts, life term, additional imprisonment of 7 years and Rs3.2 million fine.

The judge handed down capital punishment on two counts for kidnapping and subjecting the minor to sexual abuse and on two more counts for murdering her and committing an act of terrorism under anti-terror law.

He was awarded life sentence for sodomy and seven years of jail term for dumping her dead body in a trash heap.

He was directed to pay a collective fine of Rs3.2 million.

The victim’s father expressed satisfaction over the court verdict, saying it would help bring some closure to such grisly incidents in the country.


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