War mongering by ruling Indian elite rejected says Fawad

From Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry said yesterday that India Chief of Army Staff should know that he is an army chief not a BJP secretary general.

The information minister reacted on the provocative statement by the India COAS calling for a surprise action by the Indian security forces, a day after New Delhi canceled a meeting between foreign ministers of the two countries.

Chaudhry said that General Rawat is highlighting himself as a ‘tool’ of a political party.

He said that where Pakistan is calling for peace between both sides whereas the Indian army chief is restoring to warmongering.

“The whole world is watching who wants peace. Pakistan and India are nuclear-armed countries, therefore, there is no possibility of war.”

The information minister, in a tweet, said that the Indian government is using its strategy to use hate-mongering against Pakistan to bail Prime Minister Modi from call for resignation post a graft scandal.

The Pakistan Army called the Indian COAS statement, ‘irresponsible’, adding that the country is a nuclear power and is ready for war.

The army’s media wing spokesperson said that the country’s desire for peace shouldn’t be perceived as its weakness, adding that the Army won’t let peace be derailed.


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