HCCI appeals govt to withdraw gas tariff hike

gas tariff
From Shakil Paracha

HYDERABAD: The President Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Muhammad Shahid has appealed federal government to withdraw recent increase in gas tariff adding that 40 percent enhancement could badly affect the small and medium enterprises which were backbone of national economy. In a statement, the President HCCI said that increase in the gas tariff would also enhance the cost of local productions and directly benefit the imported goods.

The decision would also directly affect the prices of daily use and essential items, he said and added that if the government wanted to increase exports to earn foreign exchange than incentive should be provided to local industries particularly the export oriented industries of the country.

The HCCI President underlining the need of reforms gas companies instead of increase in the tariff said that if the performance of the gas companies not improved and gas theft was not controlled, it will force the government to further increase the tariff.


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