No talks to be held with India sans Kashmir: Fawad

From Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said yesterday that postal stamp of Burhan Wani reflects the view that Pakistan considers him a freedom fighter.

Chaudhry in his address to the Senate said that all Kashmiris martyred in the Indian-occupied area are freedom fighters as they gave their lives while resisting Indian aggression.

The information minister said that Pakistan’s heart beats and bleeds for Kashmiris, adding that India should review its oppressive policies and admit that Kashmir doesn’t want to be affiliated with the state.

Chaudhry said that Pakistan won’t be affected by the internal situation of India. “We know appropriate response if India continues the same attitude,” he said. “Entire nation is united for national security.” Chaudhry said that Kashmir dispute is the prime contention between Pakistan and India, and there will be no dialogue without taking the issue into consideration.

The information minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision is to raise the living standards of people of South Asia living below the poverty line.

Chaudhry said India Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the line of fire for his alleged involvement in a multi-billion graft scandal hence the Indian ruling elite desires to deflect the attention of their masses from the issue.

The statements came in the backdrop of cancellation of the proposed meeting of foreign ministers at the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) by India on the excuse of the alleged killing of his BSF soldiers and issuance of postal stamps of Burhan Wani.  Prime Minister Imran Khan reacted on the response by saying that he was disappointed at India’s arrogant and negative response to his call for resumption of peace dialogue between the two countries.

“Disappointed at the arrogant and negative response by India to my call for resumption of the peace dialogue,” PM Imran tweeted. “However, all my life I have come across small men occupying big offices who do not have the vision to see the larger picture,” he added.


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