Corruption will not be tolerated at any cost: PM Khan

PM Khan
From Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday declared that corruption will not be tolerated at any cost and wrongdoers shall face punishment.

According to reports, the prime minister issued his statement while chairing a meeting at his Parliament House chamber which was attended by party leaders and federal ministers.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the country’s political, economic and security situation. “The meeting also briefed PM Imran regarding approval for the mini-budget bill and discussed party matters as well as the 100-day plan.”

“PM Imran directed immediate measures for improvement in performance of institutions and stated that corruption will not be tolerated at any cost,” the reports reveal. In his first address to the nation, PM Imran talked of the country’s economic challenges, promising reforms under a new austerity drive that would impose a check on government spending and highlight the extravagant lifestyles of former governments.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday said reforming criminal justice system and ensuring “easy and speedy” justice to the common man were central planks of PTI agenda.

He was chairing a briefing on Ministry of Law and Justice, which was attended by Minister for Law and Justice Dr Muhammad Farogh Naseem, Finance Minister Asad Umar, Adviser to PM Shehzad Arbab, Attorney General of Pakistan Anwar Mansoor, Parliamentary Secretary Maleeka Ali Bokhari, Secretary Law and senior officials.

Minister for Law Dr Muhammad Farogh Naseem made a detailed presentation on civil litigation reforms identifying various procedural and legal lacunas in the existing system which caused inordinate delay in provision of justice to the people.

He also identified various steps including the need for establishment of an evidence commission, streamlining the alternate dispute resolution and arbitration system through legal framework.

He also mentioned amendments in various laws; such as Anti-Terrorism Act, NAB law, Pre-emption laws, Rent laws and others to ensure that the laws and legal procedures are not misused to obstruct justice and serve to facilitate the common citizens.

Farogh Naseem also briefed the prime minister about criminal laws and highlighted the need for use of technology for better investigation and prosecution in criminal cases. He assured the prime minister that a comprehensive reform package carrying a future plan of action with delineated time-lines be finalised within the first 100 days of the present government.


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