IMF conditions, not bailout are a problem: PM Khan


From Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday said that approaching the International Monetary Fund for a bailout is not a problem but rather the conditions that come attached to it.

Speaking with reporters, the prime minister said the masses are already being burdened economically and that the government doesn’t want to add to it.

The government has come under severe criticism after its decision to go to IMF by political opponents who blame it for a U-turn.

The premier also slammed the opposition, saying it is not a “real” opposition and that most political leaders have united to save their monies. “A lot of politicians are criminals. We have enough evidence [to ensure] criminals won’t escape,” he added. The premier added that he will not be pressured and will go till the end.

“I will not spare any thief or a criminal,” he said, adding that there will be no deal with the opposition over sparing criminals. Mocking his political opponent Shehbaz Sharif, PM Imran said he was trying to be Nelson Mandela.

Meanwhile vowing to take accountability drive to its logical end, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan yesterday tagged whole opposition as ‘culprits of the nation’.

Khan—who assumed premiership on August 18—claimed the opposition has congregated to save their assets [acquire by illicit means]. The premier reiterated that neither he would spare anyone nor he would get pressurized.

PM taunted that Shehbaz Sharif [Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s president and former chief minister of Punjab] was trying to imitate Nelson Mandela. Khan reaffirmed his resolve to bring back looted wealth stashed in foreign banks.

Responding to Shehbaz’s statement about existence of ‘unholy alliance’ between National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Khan stated that the premier anti-graft watchdog is an independent state-institution.

“Not a single case of NAB has been lodged in our tenure”, the premier apprised attendants.

On anticipated hike in electricity and gas tariffs, the PM replied that he did not want to further shift burden on already inflation and poverty-stricken masses. “We want to shift minimum burden of economic quagmire on masses”, the premier was quoted as saying.

“The govt will complete mega-project of 5 million houses at every cost”, reiterated Khan.


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