Shahbaz determined to hold hockey league within two months

two months

From Sorts Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Secretary Pakistan Hockey Federation, Shahbaz Ahmed Senior yesterday expressed the determination to make an all-out effort to hold Pakistan Hockey League within next two months. “I believe we will have to hold our league on priority basis. This is necessary for the development and growth of our young players,” Shahbaz told media on his return from India after attending a meeting of International Hockey Federation (FIH) in New Delhi, where he was also elected as a member of Board of Governor of world game’s governing body. Shahbaz said that the successful holding of the league would help pave way for Pakistan regain erstwhile glory in the national game.

“I believe I am in a better position now to invite international players for the league. I’m sure I will manage to convince world’s renowned hockey players to come in Pakistan for the league,” he said.

Shahbaz, however, said that the federation would need Pakistan Sports Board and the government’s backing to arrange the prestigious event in the country. “We are looking forward to the PSB and government to hold the mega event. Our youngsters need exposure and the league will provide a perfect platform to them. “They will get inspired and motivated. They will develop the passion for the game when they will see world’s top players performing right in front of them,” he maintained.

Shahbaz said it was unfortunate that youngsters in the country were losing interest in national game and the result was that Pakistan had stopped producing great hockey players. He also underlined the need to establish hockey academies and training centres in various cities of the country to revive the national game.


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