China Railways showed interest to endow in Pakistan Railways under CPEC


BEIJING: China Railway Rolling Corporation (CRRC), Tangshan, has shown fanatical enthusiasm to invest in Pakistan Railways under the umbrella of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project by providing products and services to Pakistan Railways.

This initiative is revealed by Hu Rui, the director of Overseas Targeted Publicity Corporate Culture Department.

The Director, Hu Rui briefed in detail to the delegation of South Asian and South East Asian countries, that CRRC has a immense potential and it is only emphasizing on various prospects to augment its operations in different countries getting Chinese investment under Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Hu Rui also said, “CRRC is based on the erudition from international first-class projects for their latest management thoughts and techniques, due to which CRRC Tangshan takes equivalent construction as the foundation and adopt five implement approaches consisting, business arrangement optimization, huge technical system, large quality system, standardized factory and information conception.” —Agencies


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