12 foreign players to participate in Squash Championship


By Sports Reporter

KARACHI: The 13th Chief of the Naval Staff International Squash Championship 2018 is scheduled to be held from 06 to 10 Dec 18.  The championship comprises 23 matches and will be played at PN RK&JK Squash complex. The opening media brief of the tournament was held on

4th Dec 18 where the Tournament Director, Cdre Habib ur Rehman apprised the media about the details of the championship. He mentioned that first CNS Squash Tournament was played in the year 2000 with prize money of USD 6000, whereas the prize money has increased with the passage of time with an aim to promote the game and to bring the best world players to this court. This year an amount of USD 18000 has been earmarked as prize money for the championship.

Top national players will also be seen in action during the tournament as the tournament carries international ranking points. The 12 local and  12 international players are participating in the tournament, including foreign players from eight different countries i.e. Islamic Republic of Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Qatar, Mexico, Hong Kong, Kuwait and Portugal. The tournament will be played at PN RK & JK Squash Complex named after two legends of the game inaugurated on 19 June 1991.

Pakistan Navy has an old and deep rooted association with the game of Squash which dates back to independence. In Pakistan Navy the game of squash was started at a single court at Manora and the journey from single court to a world class squash complex became possible by deep commitment of Pakistan Navy with this game.


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