Malnutrition serious health issue in Balochistan: experts


From Correspondent

QUETTA: Malnutrition is a serious health issue in Balochistan, the experts observed in a seminar held under the aegis of the provincial health department.

In last two years around 400,000 children were tested and 31,450 kids of them found to be suffering from undernourished, health experts told the seminar. The health department officials informed the gathering that 18,203 undernourished children were provided health facilities.

Provincial Minister for Health Naseebullah Marri speaking on the occasion said that the government’s nutrition programme will be extended to the farflung areas of Balochistan.

“If the issue of malnutrition will not be addressed properly, the situation will deteriorate to the extent of the situation in African countries,” the minister said.

Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qaism Suri talking on the occasion said that the past governments didn’t spend much on the human development in Balochistan.

“The undernourishment of the mothers and children is a very serious issue in Pakistan. The women have been neglected in our society,” he said.

He said this government will take steps to address malnutrition in the country.


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