Bilawal Bhutto’s arrest will be a dangerous game: Khursheed Shah


From Fasih Ahmed

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Syed Khursheed Shah yesterday said that the arrest of PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would be a dangerous game, one that would create ripples in the country.

Speaking to media in Islamabad, Shah said Prime Minister Imran Khan is creating uncertainty and a crisis situation in the country. “He [Imran Khan] has done nothing except arrest politicians. He is being asked to do things which no other politician would do.” Responding to a question regarding Bilawal’s arrest, Shah said that a lot of courage is needed to arrest him. “It is not possible to arrest him but nothing certain can be said about this government.”

“There is no need for in-house change in Sindh because the cases have been made on the bases of assumptions and it is not possible to impose governor’s rule in the province,” the senior PPP leader said. “There is no place for it in the constitution. Governor rule can only be imposed through martial law.”

The former opposition leader in National Assembly added that enforcing governor’s rule will not be any better for the country. The constitution provides a guarantee of a strong federation and the country’s security would be in jeopardy if the constitution is altered, he pointed out.

Shah further said that efforts are being made to bring a one-party system in the country. “It feels like the country is moving towards the imposition of civilian martial law. The way politics is being done nowadays it seems like one party is being strengthened while others are being weakened,” he added.

The PPP leader claimed that Imran Khan did not come into power through the public’s mandate but was brought into power and that everyone is aware of how he came into power.

“Imran Khan is trying to hide his incompetence through frivolous activities. He [Imran] does not want anyone to question him about the promises he made.”


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