Cheating equivalent to drug addiction, says Chairman BBISE


From Correspondent

QUETTA: Chairman Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE) Mohammad Yousuf Baloch yesterday said that cheating in exams is the equivalent of taking drugs in athletics and the punishment should be commensurate.

According to a press release issued by the Board, the Chairman BBISE directed the Board’s staff to compile a list of ‘sensitive’ centers so that more vigilance teams could be prepared to control the situation. He said that the officers concerned should take immediate steps to eradicate cheating culture in examinations and not to allow anyone to bring mobile phones in the examinations centers.

He emphasized students to develop critical thinking among them instead of rataism (cramming) and road-learning: without clearing concepts and getting real knowledge behind topics. The Chairman noted that after technological revolution in the world mainly that of information technology, it had become very easy for students to get any kind of information within seconds by just clicking on a button of a computer. “Now, the entire world is on your tips though internet,” he remarked. He emphasized on improving quality of education to grab the modern technologies of the world. Otherwise, he continued, the nation would remain dependent on Europe and other advanced countries for technology. He said the teachers push students for passing exams with high grades so that they both get good name. However, only running after grades deprives students of actually acquiring any knowledge.


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