A job well done by the UAE cabinet


The beginning of any new year is mostly taken as a time to reflect on past achievements, performances, looking at goals set and met, and generally review what was done in the past 12 months, and what needs to be done in the year ahead. For the UAE Cabinet, such a review is critical both in seeing how the government has fared in meeting the expectations of its citizens over the past 12 months, and laying down new goals to meet the challenges of the year ahead in serving all in the homeland.

Over the past 12 months, the Cabinet adopted 669 resolutions during its 21 meetings — measures that reflect the government’s efforts to continue to meet expectations and shape and lead national efforts in all areas of the economy and society. Indeed, the government is now focusing on meeting the goals set down in the Vision 2021 manifesto and is beginning to lay the groundwork for the UAE Centennial in 2071. And the Cabinet’s work for 2019 will also be clearly focused on meeting the expectations of the Year of Tolerance in building a society of peaceful coexistence for all, setting a global example of how people from some 200 nations can thrive in harmony in their shared UAE homeland.

Certainly too, any reflection on the Cabinet’s achievements in 2018 needs to look at the hard numbers — and those statistics stack up very favourably indeed for a job very well done. Dh11 billion was allocated in the past year to provide support to low-income Emiratis for the next three years. Setting Dh180 billion aside to meet the needs of all Emiratis for health, education and social programmes reflects the leadership’s desire to ensure that all have a good standard of living. Yes, the UAE Cabinet is meeting the goals and expectations of all Emiratis.


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