‘Leisure Leagues’ organises football tournament in snow-covered Hunza valley


By Sports Reporter

KARACHI: While the northern areas of Pakistan are already enjoying festivity of various winter sports activities, the sportsmen of the areas have decided not to stop despite difficult weather conditions and have opted to participate in a football tournament on snow-covered field.

Eight football teams in Ghulkin village in Hunza valley are participating in a six-a-side ‘Leisure Leagues’ competition. The tournament is one of the thirty-five tournaments being played at various locations of the country.

“Leisure Leagues, the largest providers of small sided football leagues in the world, kicked off leagues in snowy areas of northern Pakistan including Hunza, Gilgit and Ghizer with an aim to raise the profile of Pakistan football,” a spokesman for the league said. This is, one believes, that first of its kind football tournament in Pakistan to be played on snow-covered field.

The players participating in the tournament were allowed to wear extra warm clothes contrary to standard kits they wear during competitions to keep themselves warm according to weather conditions.

The organisers of ‘Leisure Leagues’ are hopeful that this effort will surely become a feather in cap of Pakistan football and can be a stepping stone towards the idea of making top stars play “Snow Football” on snow-covered fields of Pakistan.


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