Pakistan plans to export 100,000 tons of mango to China in current fiscal year


BEIJING: The Chinese markets are open to Pakistan s agricultural products, especially good quality fruits, as China had either suspended or reduced agricultural products from some countries.
In the past, China imported a large number of fruits from India and Australia. Due to the recent outbreak of a virus in India, China had suspended the import of fruits from India for the time being, Cheng Xizhong, special commentator of China Economic Net said yesterday.
He said due to the high price of Australian fruits and some other reasons, China may also reduce the import of fruits from Australia.
At the same time, Pakistani mango, citrus and kinno have successively obtained market access in China. As a result, Pakistan has got an opportunity to significantly increase its fruits export to China. He said, China s export to Pakistan accounts for less than 1% of China s total export, while China s import from Pakistan only accounts for about 0.01% of China s total import. Therefore, China and Pakistan are both major sugar producing countries in the world. —Agencies


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