Indian occupation of IOJ&K an open challenge to UN and int’l law: Shehbaz


From Correspondent

LAHORE: Leader of Opposition in National Assembly and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president Shehbaz Sharif yesterday lauded the courage and great sacrifices of the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and said that Kashmiris are fighting Indian tyranny with their iron will.

He said that the occupation of occupied Kashmir was an open challenge to the United Nations, Security Council and international laws, adding that the innocent Kashmiris are waiting for the promise of a referendum to be fulfilled.

The PML-N president went on to say that a new horrible era of Modi s barbarism and oppression had begun from August 5, 2019, adding that the lockdown and other inhumane and blatant violations of international law continue unabated in the occupied valley.

The opposition leader urged the UNSC and the international community, world human rights organisations should come together to stop Indian government from this mass murder of Kashmiris by the Indian forces.

Shehbaz said that the US, Britain, European Union and others should guard the Kashmiris against these brutalities and tyranny of the Indian government.

On Tuesday, Shehbaz Sharif strongly condemn the Modi government-sponsored hate campaign against Muslims in India.

He said that India s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is under the influence of the extremist organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

The PML president said that Narendra Modi government was using RSS against Muslims, adding that India is committed to the nefarious agenda of genocide of all minorities, including Muslims. Shehbaz went on to say that the hatred incited against Islam and Muslims in India under the auspices of the Indian government was highly reprehensible.

“Muslims are being treated unfairly and unjustly,” the opposition leader said.


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