Kite string claims child’s life in Karachi


By Malik Salman

KARACHI: In an unfortunate incident, a kite string claimed life of a child before his parents as they were on the way to their home in Baldia Town area of the city.

The ill-fated mother while narrating the tragic incident said that they were on their way to home when the kite string slit her child’s throat in Baldia area.

“I tried to stop the flow of blood coming out of his neck via my dupatta,” the sobbing mother said as the victim succumbed to the fatal injury after being shifted to a hospital.

The mother blamed that the hospital administration delayed the treatment due to the absence of police authorities. “We planned to apply for his admission into a school after Ramadan.” she said while sharing the future plans they made for the deceased child before his death.

The body was handed over to the family after medico-legal formalities. The family has demanded of the authorities to take strict action against those responsible. In the latest incident of fatality from the kite string, a Dolphin Force personnel died after his throat was slit by a kite string in Kahina,Lahore on February 15.

According to rescue sources, the Dolphin Fore personnel named, Safdar was on his way to home after completing his duty, when a kite string fell on him, slitting his throat.

Sharp strings are used to cut the strings of rivals’ kites, but they often end up slitting throats of the people.


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