NAB will turn into Tarzan after Ramazan: Rasheed


From Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan s accountability bureau will return like  Tarzan after Ramazan and continue its investigation against all people involved in corrupt practices, Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed said yesterday.

PPP and PML-N leaders think they can circumvent NAB laws and evade corruption charges, he said during a press conference. “But this won t happen.” NAB will continue to act against corrupt politicians, he warned.

He clarified that the Pakistan Railways will not fire any employees during the lockdown. “People are speculating that PIA and the Railways will soon start firing people. But I assure you no such thing will happen as long as I am the minister,” Rasheed vowed.

On changes in the information ministry, he said that the department has hired the best people for the first time in the history of Pakistan. “It will be lead from the front by…,” he said as he waited for the reporters to tell him the name of the newly appointed minister. Someone yelled “Shibli Faraz”, after which Rasheed continued “Shibli Faraz will lead from the front and [Asim] Bajwa from the back.”

On Firdous Ashiq Awan, he said that it will take her some time to get used to the changes. “Those who see themselves on television every day get used to it,” he remarked. “Now soon we will see Ashiq asking  mujhe kyun nikala  [why was I ousted] the same way Nawaz Sharif used to ask.”

He claimed that there never has been a cabinet with no sugar mill owners in it. He said that IPP (independent power producers) provide funds to all parties and should be called out for it.


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