Stem cell therapy puts UAE at the top of health innovation


The stem cell treatment has worked on 73 patients and could have the way for more innovations in the sphere. Health developments as Covid-19 keeps people engrossed in these dark days when the future hangs by a thread and when the present is under threat. A virus has reshaped humanity and the way people live.  The world has moved past the stage of disruption and faces grave damage if the coronavirus is not controlled soon. The unknowns are driving decision-making as every move by governments and people are being discussed and debated. Lives depend on them. What awaits on the other side, after Covid-19, is hard to predict. In fact, it’s a prediction that none would wager at this point, when the world is in tumult.

A cure through a drug, a preventive vaccine, a novel therapy in the fight against the virus is humanity’s hope – the positives when the coronavirus is the lone narrative in modern discussions. The pathogen has cut through our social lives and made us distant to each other physically, though none would like to admit it. Virtually, people have been drawn closer to each other but the physical touch is what makes people distinct. Health is back in the news more than ever. The world needs more doctors, nurses, scientists, biologists, virologists, epidemiologists, lab technicians, emergency workers, and other para medical staff, and less of virtual assistants. Yes, lives matter.  Every life is precious. When the cure and vaccine arrive, humans will win again. This pandemic will pass but humanity would do well to do some soul-searching and find what really matters in the larger scheme of things.


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