Ertughral Ghazi “The Proud of Muslim Ummah”


By Nasir Dehwar

Drama captivating 700 million viewers from Europe, Middle East, Africa and Europe (According to Urdu rules it is wrong to write a play) After breaking records in Hungary and Greece, it is now being aired on PTV in Pakistan daily from the first of Ramadan at 8 pm. Prime Minister Imran Khan is not only a fan of this drama but he also expressed his desire in a public forum that every Pakistani should watch this drama.

This is the drama that made Turkey one of the five countries from which the United States, Britain, Germany and France also import serials and run them. While Ertugrul Ghazi increased Turkey’s foreign exchange immensely, the drama also aroused the passion in the hearts of the dreamy youth of the Muslim Ummah to find the lost greatness. The people of the Islamic world called this drama by Tayyib Erdogan the Muslim Ummah.

The West is saying that this drama will promote extremism among the Muslim youth. In fact, the Western world is saddened that a young Muslim who has long been fascinated by false characters such as Spider-Man, Batman, Antman, X-Men, Tarzan and Superman is suddenly captivated by Ghazi Ertugrul. The problem for the West is that its rhetoric, which it has been making for years, has been dissolved in weeks.

The drama made it especially clear to the Muslim world how beautiful a man with a beard and a woman in full dress look. This is the drama that has introduced Muslims to their true heroes. This is the drama about which Rajab Tayyib Erdogan said, “Unless the lions write their own history, their hunters will be the heroes” and “We will write Islamic history as it was” and when this Islamic history was shown to the world through a play called Ertugrul, people began to convert to Islam. This is the drama that turned the tide on Aghiar’s efforts to tarnish Islam’s golden past. It was an attitude of selflessness and their suffering is understandable, but the attitude of Muslim countries is also very strange about this drama and this is what makes me make every intelligent person think that it is just Not only drama but more than that, otherwise the UAE and Saudi Arabia would not have banned its broadcasting, nor would they have spent forty (40) million dollars on the Anti-Ottoman Caliphate “Countries of Fire”.

Yasir Harab, the director of Mumalik Al-Nar, did not call the Ottoman Caliphate a criminal in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. If Ghazi Ertugrul was just a drama, why would the Egyptian Government issue a fatwa banning the drama from its official fatwa committee, saying that the drama is part of Rajab Tayyib Erdogan’s plan to revive the Ottoman Caliphate? These are his words, but the fact is that this drama has created a stir in the hearts of the youth there, which could be a prelude to any storm. In doing so, they forget that when the Arabs revolted against the Ottoman Empire, not only did they have the full support of Britain, but also the flag of “Arab resistance” was raised by a British Diplomat, Mark Skies. The people of Egypt were so moved by the drama that a man set up a hotel in the northern city of Musa al-Matruh, named after Ertugrul. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. According to some people, some powers are afraid of the expiration of the Lausanne Treaty in 2023 and they are afraid that Ghazi Ertugrul will not raise the flag of the Islamic world in the form of Rajab Tayyib Erdogan again.

However, despite all efforts, the drama is still reaching the heights of popularity in these countries. The play not only won the attention of viewers from 146 countries, but also became the uncrowned king of the world of drama. Nowadays, capital is everything in the world and no country has any hesitation in not only selling the film but also buying it and dubbing it in the local language just to make money. In such a world, Ertughral is the only drama that has been dubbed in more than 60 (60) countries of the world.

A drama that has five seasons and each season consists of more or less seventy episodes and yet man sees it and goes on watching it. If this is not the success of Ertugrul, then what else is there but in such a busy time when man there is no time to scratch your head.

If you look at the profiles of the actors who acted in this play, none of them were even in the top ten of Turkey, but today they are not only famous all over the world, but also Muslim youth And DPs of Haima Khatoon etc. have been installed. Turkish President Tayyib Erdogan and then Prime Minister Ahmet Davutolu met with officials at the shooting site. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduros, along with his wife, sat on the shooting seat, wearing a Qai hat and holding a handkerchief in Chechnya, the play’s Author, Mohamed Bozdagh, was invited on a two-day visit, where people stood on both sides of the road to receive him royally. It is not a drama but a beverage that contains key ingredients such as obedience to God, love of the Prophet, Islamic pride, national pride, religious devotion, self-respect and human well-being.

And in the end, all you have to do is watch this drama for yourself, show it to your family, tell your friends and never get involved in the propaganda that this drama will incite extremism and that drama is an art. What work? And if anyone says that, ask them if there is an Indian and Hollywood movie that doesn’t mention the Temple, God and Jesus Christ? If the sanctity of the temple and the worship of idols in Bollywood movies and the loud voices of “Jesus Christ” from the mouths of people in difficult times in Hollywood movies and the Crucifix on the chest do no harm to art.

If he does not arrive, how can bowing down to literature by placing his hands on his chest respectfully after hearing the name of the Holy Prophet Hazrath Mohammed (PBUH) harm the art.


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