Sindh govt to release salaries, pensions of employees before Eid


By Siddique Baloch

KARACHI: Sindh government yesterday decided to release salaries and pensions of employees coming under its domain before Eid.

According to a notification issued from the provincial finance ministry, salaries and pensions of all employees would be released on May 18.

The employees will be transferred their complete monthly amount along with their allowances, the notification read adding that the decision would also be implemented for employees working as work-charge employees in the government.

The decision came as the federal finance ministry on May 04 announced to release the salaries and pensions of the government employees under its domain before Eid.

According to a handout issued today, the finance division of the ministry issued the directives to the Accountant General of Pakistan (AGP) to release the pension and salaries of the employees by May 21. It said that the decision was taken to facilitate the employees and pensioners in preview of the ongoing situation due to COVID-19.


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