Experts suggest tighter lockdown in May to save people: Nasir Shah


By Kaleem Khan Kakar Penaezai

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Information Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said yesterday that according to the medical experts, the month of May is very dangerous for Pakistan with regard to the spread of coronavirus, therefore, according to these experts, lockdown should be further tightened in the month of May.

The provincial minister said that the head of the World Health Organization had also warned all the countries that if they did not opt for more effective lockdown in their respective countries, the coronavirus would spread so fast that it would be impossible to control it.

“Therefore, we should make decisions based on facts rather than emotions,” he said. Shah said that the Sindh government also cared about the sentiments and businesses of the people, but the facts did not allow them to let all the businesses open at once. He said that the first thing that was important was to save the lives of the people.

“If we don’t focus on saving people’s lives and taking care of their health, then our health system will collapse, as unfortunately, it is not strong enough to tackle a pandemic like a coronavirus,” he added.

Shah while citing the example of Balochistan, said that this was the reason that forced the Balochistan government to extend the lockdown in the province until May 19.

Praising the Balochistan government, the minister also said that if such a decision had been taken by the Sindh government, the federal spokespersons would have been lashing out at the Sindh government constantly.

He said that because this decision was taken by the government in Balochistan, no one criticized it, while the Sindh government had been constantly portrayed as an enemy of the people.

Shah while lamenting this double standard said that the Sindh government had always been criticized without any reason.

He that if the Sindh government was stressing for a severe lockdown in the month of May, it was because of saving lives and taking care of the health of the people, adding that, there was personal gain involved in it.

He clarified that the decision of lockdown till May 9 was taken by the federal government and which was announced by the federal minister and not by any minister of the Sindh government.


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