PMLN in panic, has no defense against corruption allegations: Shibli


From Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information, Shibli Faraz yesterday said that the PMLN is currently reaping what it sowed and should not be surprised at what’s happening. The minister said that if Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leaders are innocent then they shouldn’t be afraid and answer the questions being asked from them by relevant authorities.

Shibli Faraz also said that the lengthy press conferences being carried out by PMLN leadership nowadays is testament to the panic within the party and them having no justifiable argument or proof against the accusations being levied on them. “Those who treat politics as a profession or a business can’t keep the masses in the dark forver,” said Shibli Faraz.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying his best to go up against coronavirus and the PMLN is leaving no stone unturned to against the premier himself.” The minister added that all the decision being made by the government and the prime minister are solely based on and for the benifit of the masses and the poor segment of society who has become an afterthought when it comes to national policies.


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