A Distinctive & Bright Politician from Balochistan


(Jam Mir Kamal Khan Alyani)

By Nasir Dehwar

Part 4


Something we would really like to tell everyone is that the people of Balochistan have a lot of potentials. As a Government, we think good stories are the reforms that we are bringing in Education, Employment, Governance Structure, and in making the cities cleaner. For the very first time, we have started a campaign for closing down and taking action against substandard health drugs that are not allowed to be sold or made.

We are closing down Health Labs, Pharmacies, and Dispensaries that are run by unqualified people. We are trying to bring in reforms in the Higher Education System; we are trying to bring in reforms to support the departments that do not have any legislation.

A small example is Quetta which is the biggest city of Balochistan, has no traffic bureau. Even if you get a hold of people who are not abiding by the law, there is no law to take them to the court. We are also bringing in new jail reforms and have even created the nutrition act which has not been done before in Balochistan.

At the same time, there are more than 400 schemes, on which more than Rs 40-50 billion have been spent, and are just standing there for the last six years – they need just 5% fiscal space to be completed, we want to complete these. On the social side, we have opened up to the public to have access to us.

I am on Twitter with them and I interact with them. I have done a survey of my twitter account and I have around 40,000 followers which may not be that big. But the best part is that 95% of the followers are from Balochistan, that’s what matters to me, so I don’t need to have a twitter account of 1 million followers and not have any from Balochistan.

At the same time, we are trying to open up grievance cells for the people at the divisional level, where people can come to certain offices and stakeholders and can express themselves. We are giving them portals; we are trying to bring in different Apps so that they can have access to departments, their heads and even with the Chief Minister.

This is just the beginning. We are taking feedback from the universities; for the first time, I have written to universities asking for their contributions from their intellectual point of view about what the government should do. We have also asked other parts of our society, especially NGOs, people from the social side and other provinces. We are trying to organize different seminars for them so that their input can also come in. So, it’s two-way communication with the societies, communities and people with expertise and with people opening up.

There is one note I would want to end on – this is the story we want to tell the world now, that it is a changing Pakistan. The future of Pakistan is now coming in the hands of right people and we are very much optimistic about the new generation coming in; they are more vibrant, they are watching things very closely and they are making us accountable.

As a politician, I think that is the true sense that can really take up Pakistan high; it’s the social accountability, no system can change anything. The people of that nation can change the system and the governments, and if the people are willing to change the governments, that is the true sense of change.

And that is what is happening in Pakistan through social media, through electronic media, and through youth mobilization.

There is a lot of opportunity for the Business Community; Pakistan is a great country to invest in. I have seen people coming in too, hydrocarbon industry, pharmaceutical companies, other foreign companies etc.

They have been functioning in Pakistan for the last many years and we have not seen them wrap up – some have because of the global decisions that companies make, but we have seen these companies expanding.

There is a good potential in the upcoming corporate sector in Pakistan like we have Gwadar, CPEC, other venues like agriculture, mining, gas, and oil etc.

Bringing in technology, bringing the right people to work in different sectors and explore what Pakistan has to offer. So, it is a market of a lot of potentials and its strategic location makes it very good to access many global regions. I think it is a very good time to come here, explore all these venues, see what Pakistan and Baluchistan can offer.


(The End)


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