Taiwan says WHO has ‘forgotten’ neutrality by barring island


TAIPEI: The World Health Organization (WHO) has “forgotten” its professionalism and neutrality in locking Taiwan out of the body for political reasons, Taiwan Vice President Chen Chien-jen said yesterday.

Taiwan says China and the WHO have conspired for political purposes to keep it out of key meetings, that the WHO has not responded to requests for coronavirus information and has misreported the number of its infections.

The WHO and China have strongly dispute the accusations, saying Taiwan has been given all the help it needed, but that only China, which claims democratic Taiwan as one of its provinces, has the right to fully represent it in the WHO. Chen, a U.S.-trained epidemiologist, said the WHO had been putting politics above health.

“Unfortunately, because of political reasons, Taiwan’s 23 million people have become orphans in the global health system,” he told reporters at the presidential office in Taipei.

“The WHO pays too much attention to politics and has forgotten their professionalism and neutrality. This is quite regrettable.”

While the WHO has done good work and contributed to world health in the past, its record on the virus has not been as good, Chen added. —Agencies


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