PIMA dismays over violation of SOPs in Youm-e-Ali processions


By Muhammad Abid

KARACHI: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) is extremely concerned over violation of SOPs in procession of Youm e Ali, despite repeated warnings from doctors’ organisations  across the Pakistan, says a PIMA release.

PIMA said as a doctors’ body with the true faith & essences of professional spirit,  it stands firm  on its earlier stance of strong recommendations of social distancing and stay at home policy to avoid exponential growth in the number of patients that may the the fragile health system into a havoc.

PIMA has kept on warning time and again about the consequences of not following SOPs everywhere by everyone.

PIMA truly appreciates the cooperation & support in following these SOPs mosques even during Ramadan which is extremely difficult & challenging for all Muslims contrary to trades & business community.

The doctors fraternity is extremely concerned about the way procession of Youm e Ali were taken out against the repeated warnings from all doctors organisations across the country & even worldwide. The SOPs were followed and there was blatant disregard of social distancing.

This has put at risk not only the health of the people in procession but also the community in large. There is now a serious danger of exponential spread of COVID-19.

PIMA fears that after this event it will obviously be impossible to compel any other group to stick to SOPs. PIMA warns that administration and community leaders will be responsible for any exponential growth and jeopardizing the health system.


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