‘Sugar inquiry report to be released by next week’ as PPP lauds probe


From Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Parliamentary Secretary of Law and Justice Barrister Maleeka Bokhari on Saturday said that the sugar inquiry commission report would be released by next week as Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Latif Khosa lauded probe into the matter. She said that whoever found responsible in the sugar inquiry report would face punishment.

“It is for the first time that a commission was formed to probe sugar crisis and report on the matter is publicized,” the PTI federal lawmaker said.

She said that a subsidy was also given on sugar during Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) previous tenure, however, no inquiry was carried out on the matter.

Barrister Maleeka Bokhari said that the former rulers do not want anyone to question their leadership over their corrupt practices. Speaking on the occasion, PPP leader Latif Khosa lauded that for the first time sugar crisis came under probe.


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