Pakistan Railways Machh Station


By Nasir Dehwar

Quetta is the capital of Balochistan province. About 60 km south of the Bolan Valley in the middle of the rocky mountains of a small town now called the city of Machh. On the way from Quetta, it turns left. There are mountains all around and in the middle a small population of about twenty thousand looks very attractive.

Machh is also known for its beautiful Railway Station. This station is similar to a station in Switzerland at that time. Machh is connected to other parts of the country by rail and in the past Machh was the only reliable means of communication by rail. When the railway line was laid in Bolan in October 6, 1879, the first steam engine arrived at the station on January 14, 1880. Machh has a special significance due to the coal industry.

Its valleys and mountains are full of Cole. There are coal mines everywhere inside the Machh. Coal has been mined in the mountains since 1883. Apart from railway employees, there is also a large population of coal miners and others. Machh’s population majority is prison and railway employees

It is a unique blend of coal miners and locals. There is a large and wide river between Machh and the national highway. The water of natural springs flows in this river and becomes part of the river Bolan. In the 80’s, a bridge was built over the river, thus connecting the national highway permanently, otherwise the river would have had to be crossed first, if it had rained, the ground connection would have been cut off. Bolan is a beautiful piece of land; its valleys are considered to be among the most beautiful places of recreation in the country.


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