Politics destroying Pakistan Football Federation: Rais Khan


By Staff Reporter

KARACHI: Rais Khan, the Founder and President of Marta Women Football Club (MWFC) has said that Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is being destroyed because of politics, there is no ground available for women football players while shortage of qualified referees and coaches create panic for players which caused the downfall of football.

Rais stated there are so many talented women players in country which may be increased more if the sincere and practical efforts remain continue through professionals but due to non-availability of resources the performance of players affected badly. Lack of playgrounds in Karachi as well as entire Sindh province and professional coaches are also created ruins the game.

During the tenure of Engineer Ashfaq Hussain the PFF’s reputation boosted and new players introduced that’s why he should be deputed as President of PFF again for the betterment and wellbeing of women players while PFF elections should be conducted as soon as possible.

President Rais appealed to the Prime Minister Imran Khan that special relief package may be announced for women football players and government should provide maximum facilitation, assistance and cooperation to 70 registered women football clubs and their players and non-professional and non-concerned persons should be banned to interfere in PFF’s matters, he concluded.


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