UAE leads drive towards a healthier world


No distinctions are being made, and no one who needs help is being left out. This pandemic is laying bare faultlines in society and throwing up uncomfortable questions for humanity. There is collective angst and misery from the economic fallout that awaits the world. Economic powerhouses are as vulnerable to the infection as the least developed countries.

The number of cases are rising and the virus continues it march unchecked, putting civilisation and its grandeur in peril. A simple touch sets off the transmission chain. In the middle of so much misery, people are finding solace and comfort from from each other. The empathy and help they are getting from governments also offers consolation. Governments have been responding the best as they can by reaching out to other countries.

The UAE has displayed exemplary leadership on the humanitarian front and helped countries in this hour of need. Since this crisis unfolded, medical and food aid worth 570 tonnes have been shipped to 50 countries, from Latin America, Middle East and Asia.

The UAE also made its first commercial flight to occupied Palestine on Tuesday to deliver aid to those suffering in the region. No distinctions are being made, and no one who needs help is being left out. Over 570,000 medical professionals have benefitted from the help rendered by the UAE that is leaving stone unturned with this humanitarian drive.  The pandemic will make countries stronger and more resilient if partnerships are forged across all sectors. A healthier world is in the interest of all countries.


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