Affected residents from crash site to be relocated in hotels: Governor Sindh


By Malik Salman

KARACHI: Governor Sindh Imran Ismail yesterday after the heart wrenching PIA aircraft crash has directed relocation of affected residents of the town where the incident occured.

Governor Sindh said that he has been ordered by the Prime Minister of Pakistan to tend to the residents of the crash site which happens to be a residential town in the proximity of Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport.

Governor Ismail has tasked relevant authorities to relocate affected families to be moved to a nearby airport hotel for boarding and lodging till the duration of relief and rescue activities on site.

Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail also said that the premier Imran Khan has tasked him to tend to the injured in the best way possible.

Ismail also said that PM Imran Khan showing concern for what transpired offered all sorts of help required in the ongoing rescue and relief operations from the federal government.

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft with more than 90 passengers and eight crew members on board crashed in a residential area near Jinnah International Airport earlier in the day.


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