Export of mango in deep water this year


From Business Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: The export of Pakistani mango faces stiff challenge of it’s history this year due to coronavirus Pandemic coupled with serious negative impact of the climatic changes. Low production of mango as result of the climatic changes and strict global lockdown led to sharp decline in demand of Pakistani mango by the importing countries while marked reduction in flight operations and an extra-ordinary increase in freight charges with economic recession in international markets, the export of mango encounters very serious challenge now!

All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA) keeping the above stated factors in view has limited export target of mango to 80,000 metric ton this year which is 50,000 ton less, compared to the last year export target of mango set at 130000 ton. With marked reduction in the export target this year, the revenue generation of valuable foreign exchange would equally be seriously impacted. Last year with mango export of 130000 ton , the country earned valuable foreign exchange amounting to USD 90 million while it’s feared to be limited to USD 50 million during this year .

According to Waheed Ahmed, Patron-in-Chief PFVA, the current mango season is in state of high uncertainty due to global coronavirus Pandemic, and thus the export of mango is anticipated to be reduced by 40% in comparison to the last year. The global Pandemic has led to shut down of International importing markets of Pakistani mangoes including Europe & USA.

Due to shut down of Airlines, tourism industry & shopping malls because of strict global lockdown there has been significant drop in demands of various items and the demand of mango is likely to be equally affected likewise.

The Airlines which were charging Rs.175 per kilo last year are now demanding Rs. 550 per kilo for the Europe while the freight charge of Rs.80 per kilo to the Gulf countries has been enhanced to Rs. 240 per kilo this year which has multiplied cost of the mango export consignment exorbitantly. Of the total export volume of mango, 55% is exported by Sea , 20% by Air and 25% by land routes but due to exorbitant increase in freight charges by the Airlines the by Air export of mango is feared to be reduced by 70% this year – Waheed cautioned .. On other hand, the export of mango to Iran & Afghanistan via land routes is likely to encounter difficulties either due to global lockdown or closure of the borders for exercising precautionary measures in wake of coronavirus Pandemic.


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