Teli for winding up lockdown, deploying Army to ensure strict adherence to SOPs


By Abdul Rafay Siddiqi

KARACHI: Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG) and Former President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Siraj Kassam Teli, while urging the government to completely wind-up the lockdown so that all types of businesses and industries could restart their operations with full swing, also advised the government to deploy troops from the army whose presence and patrolling at various commercial markets would ensure strict adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) devised to contain further spread of coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement issued, Siraj Teli said that Pakistan’s economy was already in deep crises and the country cannot afford further damages hence, it was really critical to restart all businesses with normal timings and get back to routine life in presence of the virus.

“On one hand, we have to contain coronavirus pandemic but on the other, we also have to save the already ailing economy therefore, the patriotic and disciplined troops from armed forces must be given the task to ensure across the board implementation of SOPs, which has to be done on top priority in order to save the economy from plunging into further crises”, he said, adding that reopening of businesses under army’s supervision would help in protecting the businesses from complete collapse and save the masses from unemployment, poverty and starvation.

Chairman BMG, while referring to numerous measures adopted by the Federal and Provincial governments since the imposition of lockdown from March 23, said that the federal government and all provincial governments strived really hard to deal with COVID-19 pandemic and they all deserve to be appreciated but unfortunately, the number of people affected by coronavirus continues to rise all over the country as the public and also the members of the business community have been largely ignoring the SOPs due to lack of discipline.

“Pakistan army is well-known for its discipline all around the world hence, it is high time that the army must come forward to rescue the country, teach discipline to the masses and get the SOPs enforced all the time which is the only way to save our beloved motherland from further disaster”, he added.


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