Balochistan Government Spokesman Liaqat Shahwani’s Press Conference


By Nasir Dehwar

QUETTA:  Eid-ul-Fithr celebrated simply by Balochistan Government, The Balochistan Government is facing various challenges, Liaqat Shahwani said. Corona is on the rise and on the other hand middle class is facing difficulties. Locust attack and Typhoid are also on the rise in Balochistan, a large procession of locusts to enter in Balochistan from Iran.

The Government is formulating policies regarding Corona, SOPs are not being implemented by the people, now it has been decided that we have to live with Corona. Experts say Corona is changing its structure, Quetta will be able to live with Corona by following SOPs, despite the daily impact of people from Quetta, Corona, and it is not being taken seriously. Picnic points were closed on Eid and Fairs were banned, The Balochistan Government has so far conducted 22,000 tests, 1156 Corona patients have recovered so far, Corona mortality rate drops to 1% in Quetta.

If there was a vaccine, the Government would have brought it for its people from any corner, In Balochistan 21% of Women suffer from corona and 44% Youth of Balochistan are affected by Corona. Quetta has set up 71 Isolation Centers. The Balochistan Government is trying to improve the Health Department, more than 2200 people are Isolated in their homes. We are setting up a laboratory at Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Quetta, PPE kits and other necessary equipment is available. Balochistan did not allow food shortage even for a moment.


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