Complete lockdown, curfew suggested amid fears of coronavirus spread in Balochistan


FromĀ  Riaz Ahmed Shahwani

QUETTA: In view of the threat of coronavirus spreading rapidly, Balochistan Health Department has recommended complete lockdown and imposition of curfew to the provincial government.

According to sources, a meeting of medical experts and doctors chaired by Balochistan Health Secretary Dostain Khan Jamaldini expressed concern over the spread of coronavirus.

In view of public difficulties, the meeting decided to open limited number of hospital OPDs in the province. Students and on-call professors from each department will examine patients in the Emergency and accidents Department.

It was decided at the meeting that the ban on admission of patients of elective surgery and other ailments would remain in force. After reviewing the situation in the first four weeks of June, it will be decided whether to open the OPDs as usual or not.


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