Abdul Aleem Khan dismisses flour price increase by Mills Association


From Correspondent

LAHORE: Provincial Minister for Food Abdul Aleem Khan has said that the statement of flour mills regarding wheat and flour prices is one-sided and the government does not accept it.

Reacting to the Pakistan Flour Mills Association’s unilateral flour price hike, the senior provincial minister said that the wheat prices in different districts are different and therefore, the rate cannot be the same. Where wheat would be cheaper, flour prices would also be lower, he added.

A meeting between the government and Flour Mills Association will be held tomorrow to determine the new rates and they will be set as decided by the consultation between administration and the Food Department.

Abdul Aleem Khan said he hoped that realizing the plight of the people, the mill owners will cooperate with the authorities. Otherwise, the government would decide its own course of action.

The provincial minister said that abundant supply of wheat and flour to the public is the government’s top priority. The Punjab government has abundant reserves of wheat and there can be no shortage, he added.

Earlier, Pakistan Flour Mills Association had increased the price of flour meaning the price of a 20 kg bag of flour would now cost Rs 925 instead of Rs 805.

The ex-mill price of 20 kg bag of flour has been increased to Rs 900 with the justification given by Flour Mills Association being the rising price of wheat.


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