Modi’s war hysteria prone to destroy peace of region: Nusrat Wahid


By Muhram Hussain

KARACHI: Nusrat Wahid, Member National Assembly of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has said that the violation of Chinese Control of Line in Ladakh by the Indian Army is now facing a defeat and crying for the release of the Indian prisoner of war now captured by the Chinese Army in Ladakh.

She said that the War hysteria will destroy the peace of the region.  China is a peace loving country and playing its role in the world for peace and harmony. The Indian activities at the Chinese Line of Control in Ladakh is highly regrettable, Modi war hysteria will destroy the peace of the region. Nusrat Wahid has asked the UNO to take immediate action and warn India to avoid such activity which is highly dangerous for the region as this will spoil the peace of the region.

The UNO must take action against India for its constant violation of the Line of Control of the neighboring Countries borders, she added that India several times violated the LOC Line of Control  However the  brave Pakistan army has always given a befitted response to Indian Violations.

Pakistan is apeace loving country and playing its role for the Global peace and harmony, whereas the War hysteria of Modi may destroy the peace of the region. Pakistan desire for peace in the region must not be taken as weakness by India, The Pakistan army is fully capable to hit back with full force. India must stop its act of barbarism in the occupied jammu & Kashmir and must not change the Domicile rule of Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. She further said that we will continue our full support for the cause of Kashmir.


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