NEPRA report finds K-Electric carrying out artificial load shedding


By Kaleem Khan Kakar Penaezai

KARACHI: It has been revealed that K-Electric has been deliberately running power plants at low capacity and carrying out load shedding. According to a NEPRA report, load shedding is being carried out by generating less electricity for the last three years.

According to the report, K-Electric generated less power than the capacity of the power plants in three years and carried out load shedding in different areas of the city using shortfall as the justification.

K-Electric did not increase its production capacity either and is largely dependent on the national grid. NEPRA has termed the performance of K-Electric s power plants as unsatisfactory and even said that a few particular units have not been repaired for the past 12 years.

According to the NEPRA report, despite completing 3,000 operating hours, no attention was paid to the routine maintenance of power plants.


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