Wheat flour prices register increase of Rs135 per 20kg


From Business Correspondent

LAHORE: An increase of 230 rupees in the price of wheat flour was recorded per 40 kilograms (kg).

According to details, a sack of 20kg wheat flour is now being sold at Rs900 whereas the previous value for the same amount of flour was Rs785. Market rates for a 20kg wheat flour sack have been set at Rs920 while a 40kg wheat sack is being sold for Rs1600.

Flour mill owners said that the price of wheat flour was not increased in the previous month due to the holy month of Ramzan. They also said that wheat flour could not be sold on previously set prices due to the current price of wheat which has seen an increase.

Earlier on May 24, talking to the media Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has called for a report into the manufactured wheat shortage that plagued the country a while back.

Ahmed said that after unveiling those behind the sugar crisis, Khan is resolute to unmask those behind the wheat shortage. The minister said that NAB and FIA may also be at the helm of wheat shortage inquiry and investigation.


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