A Key Challenge in coming days for the Current Political and Military leadership


By Nasir Dehwar

The dream of supremacy over the world has not been realized by the American authorities since the Second World War, but their efforts are still going on. Instead of Nationalism, the United States has always imposed its 2D rulers in other regions. Achieved goals for a time, under the pretext of Communism, instead of the Cold War and direct war with the Soviet Union, various countries were thrown into the flames of war. US’s last battlefield was in Afghanistan, now that the United States has been defeated in the long war and finding a way to escape from Afghanistan, for that United States is now trying to engage India with China.

An attempt to conquer Afghanistan was made by the British Government at a time when the British flag was flying over most parts of the world and the sun did not set in the British conquered territories, but Britain did not succeed in its attempt and the second attempt by the Soviet Union. In the last quarter of the 20th century, the United States, with the help of Pakistan. Soviet Union foiled a plot to invade Afghanistan and gain access to hot water, leaving the Soviet Union scattered like grains of sand in the cold desert of Siberia, and limited to Russia only. After the collapse of communism, the United States decided to target Chinese Socialism. India was chosen for the mob for China, but in doing so, the United States forgot that if the Indian “Hindu” could not fight its own war, then how he will fight war United States fight? The Afghan refugees fought and won the war with the Pakistani Mujahedeen because their freedom was in danger. The United States called this war Jihad and inflamed religious sentiments and won, but in the name of Hindutva Hindu’s with the concept of martyrdom and paradise is useless.

The Soviet Union’s addiction to victory in the long Cold War and the embarrassment of defeat in Afghanistan made the United States feel the need to confront China for its supremacy, but already in the invasion, the Indian army suffered such a crushing defeat that like they saw stars during the day and Modi knew his perimeter. The United States had to reconsider its decision. India had already been defeated by China on the Sikkim front, now the defeat on the Ladakh front. India’s dream of being assailant in the region has been shattered; China has not only killed dozens of Indian soldiers, arrested dozens as well. Indian soldiers have apologized and escaped, Chinese troops have occupied several kilometers of territory.

Deployment of troops in the occupied territories by India is to build fronts, now perhaps India will not risk the proxy war of the United States. The question is what will be the next step of the United States against China? The common threat to the United States and India is the Pak-China Friendship and CPEC project. The completion of which will often lead Pakistan out of crises, end power shortages, make electricity rates cheaper, and boost agriculture, industry and trade. Defense will be strengthened, foreign debts will be saved. A Prosperous, Stable and Strong Pakistan is a nightmare for the United States and India, so it is likely that the United States will now turn its hostility towards Pakistan and try to harm China.

The first attempt will be to turn Pakistan away from China, in which there is no chance of success. In sorrow he will try to create disagreement. Although the majority of the people will not be misled, there will be a storm of new debates and objections in this regard, with the help of several disloyal elements form in side of our country.  The public will be the victims of this conspiracy, No, but in this effort, many enemies of the country will be exposed. Criticism may also start on the institutions responsible for the security of the country, for which the PML-N has already created an atmosphere and its leadership expressed it. It seems that this heinous act will be carried out under a well-organized conspiracy to regain power under the support of the United States. At the cost of its power, the PML-N leadership has been putting National Interest and Security at stake before and still is. It will hardly be avoided, “In Sha Allah”, all of these may prove to be the case, but any action can be expected from America.

The United States has already declared India as its strategic partner. US officials have remained silent on the reshuffle of Occupied Kashmir in disobedience of Security Council Resolutions and the Geneva Conventions. The US conscience has also been silenced on serious human rights violations. The US Government has not given any significant response to the long lockdown in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. The genocide of Kashmiri people is still continuing. The Israeli-style settlement of extremist terrorist Hindus in Kashmir to reduce the majority of Kashmiri people in the valley. The plan is also being implemented, which proves that the United States will make Ladakh in Occupied Kashmir the center of its operations against China in the future and for this it is necessary to eliminate the Muslim-majority by force from Occupied Kashmir.

The settlement of extremist and terrorist Hindus in the occupied valley is inevitable so that the American plan can be easily implemented. Ladakh is still inhabited by a majority of Buddhist Monks, who are extremist and terrorist in their anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiments, not less than Hindus. The world has been watching the anti-Muslim sentiment of Buddhist Monks in Myanmar for many years, even the Buddhists of Ladakh do not have good feelings towards Muslims, thus testing this class against Pak-China friendship. Attempts will be made to silence voices in favor of Pakistan and China before the start of the CPEC project.

This is a critical moment for the future of the project due care and diligence required rate but the rate, the time from external to internal review determined strategy in every aspect. The country’s political and military leadership needs to make concerted decisions on this.


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