Shibli Faraz urges people to follow SOPs


From Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz yesterday said that the intensity of coronavirus in the country is witnessing an increase as number of cases and death toll rises. “Government has reviewed the situation on daily basis and lifted restrictions on movement in order to minimize its negative impact on lower segment of the society,” he said while addressing a presser.

He lamented that majority of the people have not implemented on the standard operating procedures (SOPs) devised from the government and warned that if not implemented it could increase the intensity of coronavirus. The information minister said that even the established global economies were unable to deal with the pandemic as virus does not discriminate between anyone.

“Even in Pakistan it has affected lawmakers and some of them even died of it,” he said while extending his condolence over the deaths. He appealed to the masses that it is high time for them to implement upon the SOPs. “If not implemented properly, the government will be forced to implement a stricter lockdown,” he warned while adding that number of virus cases and deaths of it are still below the government’s estimates.


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