We have to be more vigilant as normality returns


People must follow the rules as they return to work and public spaces. Life in the UAE is inching towards normality following the easing of restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the new coronavirus. Most activities in Dubai are in full swing with employees reporting back to work; malls, beaches, parks and other facilities are open to the public. Abu Dhabi, which is in the midst of a weeklong disinfection programme, has partially opened the malls, hotels and restaurants. Sharjah and other Northern Emirates have been gradually resuming business activities.

All these point to a return to normal life. But actually, it isn’t. Life is not normal anymore. We are returning to a life where abundant caution is required. The number of cases is dwindling, but the COVID-19 threat hasn’t receded completely. The world is still grappling with the virus, SARS-CoV-2. So each of us bears the responsibility to protect ourselves and thereby safeguarding others as well.

Masks are mandatory, particularly in the presence of others. The face-covering will protect us and others from virus-laden droplets. So they have to be worn at all times when we are out and about.

People are now well aware of the precautionary measures to keep out the virus. Following them is very critical at work, and in malls and public spaces.

A healthy population is an asset to the country. So all residents of the UAE should practise good hygiene to keep the community safe. That will make the work of medical professionals a lot easier and will ensure a swift return to normal life. Lives and livelihoods are under threat. So, all of us should play our part in ensuring that the economy is buzzing again.


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